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How can SSON Analytics help you?

Watch this short video to understand how SSON Analytics can help Shared Services & Outsourcing professionals do their jobs better.

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Customised Data Insights

We get that some of our subscribers are square pegs - so we also make square holes. If you need a particular set of questions answered, specific to your region, vertical sector or challenge, ask us about tailored products.

Tailored Data Insights

Where is Your Next Shared Services Centre?

Find out more about the data within the City Cube, a shared services location comparative tool.

Explore 300+ shared services locations with the City Cube

Audience Benchmarking Results from Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia 2016

Fresh out of Shared Servies & Outsourcing Week Asia 2016, here are the results from the audience polling session. Find out how your Asian shared services centre measures up in terms of attrition rate, invoice cycle time and robotic process automation integration.

SSO Week Asia Benchmarking Results